Al Khaleejia Pipecut Pasta 400g Pack of 4

Brand: Khaleejia

Al Khaleejia Pipecut pasta is a unique and versatile pasta variety that adds a fun twist to your favorite dishes.

12.10 AED / Pack
36% off 18.99 AED
4 pcs X 400g

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Al Khaleejia Pipecut Pasta 400g Pack of 4

Made from premium durum wheat semolina, Al Khaleejia Pipecut pasta offers a firm texture that holds up well during cooking, allowing it to maintain its shape and capture the flavors of your chosen ingredients. Whether you're preparing a delicious pasta bake, a flavorful pasta salad, or a comforting pasta dish with a robust sauce, Al Khaleejia Pipecut pasta is ready to elevate your culinary creations.


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