Almond With Shell

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Brand: Farzana

Almonds with shells are wholesome nuts that are encased in a protective outer covering. These almonds have a light brown, textured shell that requires cracking to reveal the delicious nut inside.

17.99 AED / Pkt
38% off 28.99 AED

Almond With Shell

Almonds with shells offer a unique and interactive snacking experience. Cracking the shell adds a sense of anticipation and enjoyment, making it a fun activity for both children and adults. Once opened, you'll discover the smooth and creamy almond nestled within.

Enjoying almonds with shells as a snack allows you to savor their natural flavor and texture. Their subtle sweetness and satisfying crunch make them a satisfying treat on their own. They can also be used in various recipes, such as salads, granolas, or baked goods, adding a delightful nutty element.


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