Detox Fruit Gift Basket (Large)

Collection of fruits specific to enhance your mood and good for detoxification. Surprise your loved ones with these freshly produced detox fruit gift basket. Consists of 16 kinds of seasonal fruits.

149.00 AED / Box
Approx 7 KG

Detox Fruit Gift Basket (Large)

Our detox fruit gift basket consists of 16 different kind of fruits such as mix apple, lemons, berries, mandarin, kiwi, avocado, oranges, mix grapes, pears, baby pineapple, papaya and other seasonal fruits

Approximate weight: 7kg

*PLEASE NOTE: Above box picture is for reference only. In case of unavailability of product, it will be swapped for a similar alternative just to meet the estimated weight

** Seasonal fruits may vary depending on availability in particular season.