Exotic Fruit Gift Basket (Regular)

Perfect gift for your family and loved ones. This Exotic Gift Fruit Basket contain the following: 10 to 12 different fruit items.

210.00 AED
Approx 4.5kg

Exotic Fruit Gift Basket (Regular)

Our fresh Exotic Fruit collection combines some of the most delicious fruits around the world.

Each box contain the following:

  • 1 pc Pithaya
  • 2 pcs  White Dragon Fruit
  • 250g Mangosteen
  • 250g  Rambutan
  • 1 pc Baby Pineapple
  • 2 pcs Granadilla
  • 150g Passion Fruits 
  • 1 pkt Strawberry 
  • 1 pkt Blueberry
  • 1 pkt Raspberry 
  • 1 pkt Blackberry
  • 2 pcs Avocado Hass
  • 2 pcs Custard Apple

    Approximate weight: 4.5kg

*PLEASE NOTE: Above box picture is for reference only. In case of unavailability of product, it will be swapped for a similar alternative just to meet the estimated weight

** Fruits may vary depending on availability in particular season.