Red Moon Sparkling Alcohol Free

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Red Moon Sparkling Alcohol Free

Red Moon® Sparkling is a high-quality non-alcoholic beverage. It is a natural energy drink and ingredient for premium cocktails and soft drinks. 

Red Moon® Sparkling is made from pressing 100% red flesh apples and cannot be compared to other conventional apple juices. It is refreshing, very easy to digest and makes you want more. Its taste impresses because of its balance between sweet and the slightly acidic and enjoyable aftertaste. It does not have to be diluted in order to quench your thirst. The acidic taste derives from the anthocyanins and the vitamin C content. 


Apple variety: 
Red Moon® Sparkling is a cuvee from two different red flesh apples, the RS1 and the RM1. 

The apples are gently pressed, pasteurised and the juice gets carbonated. It retains its natural red colouring of the flesh perfectly, thanks to the simple col-pressing process. We absolutely avoid adding things such as sugar, food colouring, preservatives and artificial vitamins – just 100% apples! 

Serving temperature: 
Red Moon® Sparkling can be enjoyed with the addition of some ice cubes, but the best way to drink it is at a cool temperature of 8°C. At this temperature you can appreciate it to the utmost because it maintains all its taste and its freshness. 

Bottle to: 
750 ml - 75 cl - 0,75 lt. 

Red Moon - Surprise Inside 
The Red Moon® apples never fail to impress people and they also surprise them: the red colouring of the flesh is 100% natural due to the anthocyanin content and can vary from apple to apple. 
It goes from light to deep and sometimes it is possible to recognise butterfly-like nuances. It is just the result of mother nature’s work. It is simply spectacular!

Red Moon Sparkling Alcohol Free

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