Sonnat Bakhtairi Pickle

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Bakhtairi Pickle is a delectable and popular pickle that showcases the unique flavors cauliflower, sour apple, garlic, carrots, etc. Expiry Date : 24 July 2024

Vendor: Jalili
10.99 AED / Pkt
35% off 16.99 AED
1.2 kg

Sonnat Bakhtairi Pickle

The Bakhtairi Pickle offers a delightful balance of tanginess and spiciness. The natural sweetness of the mangoes is complemented by the boldness of the spices, resulting in a taste that is both vibrant and addictive. It pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes, adding a burst of flavor and zest to every bite.


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Sonnat Bakhtairi Pickle

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